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  1. Morongo Bronze Mirror
    From $960.00 From $1,280.00
    In stock
  2. Magenta Rectangular Mirror
    From $3,405.00 From $4,540.00
    In stock
  3. Madeira Antique Mirror
    From $412.50 From $550.00
    In stock
  4. Rodion Rectangle Mirror
    From $2,460.00 From $3,280.00
  5. Islet Mirror - Customise
    From $16,860.00 From $22,480.00
  6. Casone Antique Gold Mirror
    From $4,410.00 From $5,880.00
  7. Casone Black Mirror
    From $4,410.00 From $5,880.00
  8. Pavona Bronze Finish Mirror
    From $967.50 From $1,290.00
  9. Pavona Vintage Brass Finish Mirror
    From $967.50 From $1,290.00
  10. Juno Large Mirror
    From $3,930.00
  11. Nimbus Round Mirror
    From $4,635.00 From $6,180.00
  12. Nimbus Oval Mirror
    From $4,635.00 From $6,180.00
  13. Berrie Round Mirror
    From $4,635.00 From $6,180.00
  14. Redondo L Brushed Brass Mirror
    From $3,060.00 From $4,080.00
  15. Redondo Mirror
    From $2,572.50 From $3,430.00
  16. Redondo XS Brushed Brass Mirror
    From $2,040.00 From $2,720.00
  17. Novo Floor Mirror With Coatrack
    From $3,307.50 From $4,410.00
  18. Velino Mirror
    From $832.50 From $1,110.00
  19. Soave Mirror
    From $1,372.50 From $1,830.00
  20. Bastioni Mirror
    From $1,372.50 From $1,830.00
  21. Viterbo Mirror Set of 3
    From $1,372.50 From $1,830.00
  22. Foggia Mirror Set of 2
    From $697.50 From $930.00
  23. Bryant Mirror
    From $3,435.00 From $4,580.00
  24. Sanoma Large Mirror
    From $1,792.50 From $2,390.00
  25. Sanoma Extra Large Mirror
    From $3,435.00 From $4,580.00
  26. Vincenso Mirror
    From $2,760.00 From $3,680.00
  27. Ludovico Mirror
    From $6,180.00 From $8,240.00
  28. Monari Mirror
    From $2,347.50 From $3,130.00
  29. Beaumont Round Mirror Bronze
    From $2,040.00 From $2,720.00
  30. Duras Vintage Brass Mirror
    From $1,087.50 From $1,450.00
  31. Fitzjames Antique Glass Mirror
    From $2,242.50 From $2,990.00
  32. Rococo Antique Gold Mirror
    From $5,407.50 From $7,210.00
  33. Chippendale Black Mirror
    From $4,732.50 From $6,310.00
  34. Mellot Vintage Brass Mirror
    From $2,730.00 From $3,640.00
  35. Sandals Large Bronze Mirror
    From $1,357.50 From $1,810.00
  36. Sandals Large Vintage Brass Mirror
    From $1,357.50 From $1,810.00

Items 1-36 of 168

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Decorative Wall Mirrors in Australia

Mirrors have been used to decorate homes for centuries. They are often the focal point of a room and can make a small space seem larger or more open than it is. However, mirrors are not just decorative, they also serve as functional pieces in your home that provide security, safety, and comfort.

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Here at James Said, we believe that your home should be a reflection of your fabulous lifestyle. And what better way to reflect the glorious life you live than with a range of beautiful and modern decorative wall mirrors? Based in Australia, our collection showcases a range of elegantly designed and modern mirrors complete with ornate and intricately designed frames that will create a focal point on whichever interior wall you decide to hang them on.

If you appreciate the timeless antique style, take a look at the exquisite Triomphe Black Antique Mirror, or if you would prefer modern wall mirrors perhaps the Mortimer Bronze Mirror is more suited to your style. Alternatively, for real style why not try an art deco wall mirror? Undeniably fashionable with a modern, fresh and contemporary look, these wall mirrors are sure to be a talking point in your home.


If you are looking for a wall mirror that is a bit more unusual, and want to move away from the standard rectangular or circular styles, then we have a glorious range of options for you. The six-sided hexagon is a striking shape and when incorporated into designs creates a modern and contemporary style to be proud of.

Alternatively, if you want to give your home the illusion of depth, install a full-length wall mirror to reflect light and make a room appear brighter during the day and night.

Whatever your style you can be sure that here at James Said, we have a wonderful range of decorative wall mirrors that will add that little extra something special to your home. Mount these on the wall and you will not only be reflecting light, but also the beauty of your home, your style, and your personality.


James Said is an online destination for the home, created by a group of designers with a deep understanding of how to create beautiful spaces. We believe that everybody should have access to high-end furniture and design. That’s why we offer exclusive pieces from around the world at accessible prices.

Buy wall mirrors for your home online and we will have them sent to your address in Australia. Our movers are trained to deliver these luxurious pieces of furniture with care. Have a look at our delivery policy for information.

Pick the Perfect Mirror

Selecting the perfect mirror is all about finding the perfect piece that matches your interior design and complements your home.

Different mirrors suit different purposes - and are therefore designed in a variety of styles. Full-length mirrors are often featured in bedrooms and bathrooms. Look for a design with a full length and maximum visibility that’s great for a quick check of the outfit.

On the other hand, decorative mirrors are all about design - with a smaller size and focus on quality design features and finish. A well-chosen, carefully hung decorative wall mirror can reimagine the look and feel of any space, providing light, space and comfort.

Full-Length Mirrors in Australia

Finding a good full-length mirror in Australia can be difficult. It’s often challenging to get the style you want, from a retailer you can trust to deliver safely - and all at a price that suits your budget.

This is why James Said has become the go-to choice of full-length mirrors in Australia. We offer a premium selection of styles and beautiful craftsmanship - all at a price that delivers genuine value for money.

The Shagreen Large Rectangle Mirror offers the full length you need to check your outfit. This Shagreen mirror offers a polished black finish and shagreen for a sleek and striking look.

Benefits of Round Mirrors

A circular mirror offers an elegant touch of symmetry to any room. Their curved style and clean lines are a great alternative to longer and more angular full-length mirrors.

They’re the perfect choice for lounge rooms, sitting rooms, and any other area that would benefit from more light and space.

To choose the perfect round mirror for your home, there’s a number of tips and tricks you can follow. Any colour and material can work well with a round mirror - just ensure that it matches the furniture beneath it.

For example, a sleek and stylish lounge room with deep sofas and dark furniture will benefit from a round black mirror, much like our popular Maxwell Mirror.

Stylish Table Mirrors

Table mirrors are small, stylish, and can be comfortably kept on top of a bedside table or coffee table. With their unique designs and quality finishing, they bring class and elegance to any room.

The Flow Table Mirror is one of our most unique and decorative pieces. Crafted in antique brass, this unique mirror is inspired by trees, water and nature for an elegant, antique look.

Because these table mirrors are so beautifully crafted and timelessly styled, they often become prized family possessions. If you’re searching for a special piece that could become a prized family heirloom then our table mirrors are the perfect choice.

Decorative Wall Mirrors

A well-chosen wall mirror can enhance the light, space and style of any room. If hung in a well-lit area, a decorative wall mirror can reflect the natural light of your space for a glowing, luminous feel.

From the subtle yet eye-catching styling of the Core Medium Mirror to the unforgettable and attention-grabbing Medina Gold Mirror, you’ll be sure to find the perfect mirror in Sydney and online in our extensive collection.

To learn more about how to enhance your space using mirrors, check out our recent interior design blog.