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  1. Martini Bianco Rattan Wine Cabinet
    From $2,664.00 From $3,330.00
  2. Gerard Stainless Steel Bar Cart
    From $2,256.00 From $2,820.00
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  3. Gerard Gold Leaf Bar Cart
    From $2,256.00 From $2,820.00
  4. Hugh Antique Brass Bar Cart
    From $1,912.00 From $2,390.00
  5. Ireland Gold Leaf Bar Cart
    From $1,648.00 From $2,060.00
  6. Pierce Acrylic & Brass Bar Cart
    From $2,480.00 From $3,100.00
  7. Bellini Brushed Brass Bar Cart
    From $5,040.00 From $6,300.00
  8. Montreuil Brushed Brass Bar Cart
    From $4,080.00 From $5,100.00
  9. Sterling Vintage Brass Bar Cart
    From $2,800.00 From $3,500.00
  10. Rutherford Vintage Brass Bar Cart
    From $2,960.00 From $3,700.00
  11. Alexia Vintage Brass Bar Cart
    From $3,920.00 From $4,900.00
  12. Beverly Hills Brushed Brass Trolley
    From $2,216.00 From $2,770.00
  13. Eiffel Nickel Trolley
    From $5,288.00 From $6,610.00
  14. Eiffel Brass Trolley
    From $5,288.00 From $6,610.00
  15. Princess Vintage Brass & Black Leather Bar Cart
    From $1,984.00 From $2,480.00
  16. Townhouse Brass Trolley
    From $2,920.00 From $3,650.00
  17. Oakhurst Gold Bar Cart
    From $2,936.00 From $3,670.00
  18. Royalton Acrylic & Brushed Brass Trolley
    From $2,736.00 From $3,420.00
  19. Lindon Polished Stainless Steel & Gold Trolley
    From $2,936.00 From $3,670.00
  20. Bahamas Trolley
    From $2,200.00 From $2,750.00
  21. Beverly Hills Bronze Trolley
    From $2,048.00 From $2,560.00
  22. Arezzo Stainless Steel Trolley
    From $2,784.00 From $3,480.00
  23. Scarlett Brass Trolley
    From $4,760.00 From $5,950.00
  24. Majestic Gold Trolley
    From $3,104.00 From $3,880.00
  25. Majestic Trolley
    From $2,856.00 From $3,570.00
  26. Collins Trolley
    From $3,136.00 From $3,920.00
  27. Townhouse Gold Trolley
    From $3,024.00 From $3,780.00
  28. Beverly Hills Stainless Steel Trolley
    From $2,112.00 From $2,640.00
  29. Townhouse Trolley
    From $2,408.00 From $3,010.00
  30. Le Pomerol Trolley
    From $2,856.00 From $3,570.00

30 Items

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Imagine entertaining a group of friends, and being able to charm your guests with a fine selection of wines, beers and spirits all rolled out on a luxury bar cart. With entertainment at the forefront of everyone’s mind you can easily forget that it's not just what is being served, but also how it is being served. Here at James Said, we won't compromise on quality, and will only deliver products of the highest standards. We believe that the eye is in the detail, and serving your guests the right way on a pristine bar cart is the perfect start to hosting an amazing party.

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The Look and Convenience of your Bar Cart will Impress Guests

Choosing a cart from our selection of bar carts online in Australia is a wise investment, especially if you primarily entertain guests at home. It's also a convenient way to store your quality drink options and present them to your guests without having to show them one by one or having to display them on the table or counter for everyone to see. When you wheel your selections to the living room where your guests are gathered, they'll feel like they are dining in a five-star establishment and they'll be able to easily see what drinks you have available to choose from.

They'll also enjoy being able to pick up and look at each option and read the labels to make a more informed decision. With a bar cart in Australia, setting up for your night of entertainment is easy and the dreaded task of cleaning up after your affair is even easier. When setting up, all you have to do is take your quality wines and liquors from their cabinet and display them however you want in the cart and wheel it out when it's time for your guests to make their selections.

After the last guest departs for the evening, you can wheel the cart back to the cabinet and place everything back where it belongs until the next time. There’s no need to worry about an unsightly cart to stow away because our carts are stylish and easy to store.

Not only do we offer an exquisite collection of perfectly crafted bar carts for sale, we also showcase a wide range of styles to compliment any home décor. Style is imperative when it comes to purchasing a luxury bar cart as you want it to stand out and catch the eye. All of our designs are hand picked for their premium craftsmanship, high quality materials and superior finish. Comprised of a variety of materials including, nickel, bronze, stainless steel, gold and more, our range of glamorous drinks trolleys are crafted to perfection, utilising subtle designs to create intricate and stylish pieces which bring a room to life.

Why choose James Said?

No one can maximise the potential of a space quite like we can. Taking a simple concept and progressing it to an elite level is our speciality. With our luxury collection of bar carts within Australia, you will be able to browse some of the best luxury products available on the market.