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The Best Bookcases in Australia

There’s nothing better than getting immersed in a good book. However, all book-lovers need somewhere beautiful to store all their memorable stories. We have a wide collection of luxury bookcases to choose from, ranging from simple open plan designs to enclosed units with beautifully crafted glass windows, so you can be assured that we have the right bookcase for your home.

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In this modern time, with technology growing continuously and screens being in abundance everywhere you look, you may feel as though information and words are disappearing into the online world. So, it is no wonder that many people find great comfort in having a bookcase filled with your favourite literature. With the older and basic shelving units, you may be able to store your books easily enough, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to turn the ‘simple bookcase’ into a wonderful piece of furniture on display? With modern bookcases, regardless of whether you prefer antique style or contemporary bookcases, you can create a focal point in any room and add some real class and elegance to your home.

Bookcases are for More than just Holding Books

There's just something about a solid wood bookcase that gives any room that classic, refined look. Looking for something a little more modern? An oak bookcase might be better suited to your taste. If you're looking to buy bookcases online in Australia, we have a beautiful assortment of bookcases in Australia.

Before the age of computers and modern technology, intelligence, taste and status were determined based on the number of books you had in your bookcase. The more books you had, the more knowledgeable you were. In those days, a guest could simply look at the books on display in the parlour's bookcase while waiting for their host. You had a chance to learn about your hosts interests and favourite topics beforehand - certainly a great way to break the ice. It's unlikely your bookcase will be used in this way but if you fancy yourself a very knowledgeable person and you have an extensive book collection, why not display it for all to see?

Bookcases needn’t be just for books these days; use them for a multitude of storage ideas such as somewhere to display your picture frames and cherished memories, plants or heirlooms. Or perhaps you want a unit which also allows a storage facility to help keep your study or lounge more streamlined and clutter free? Here at James Said, we have a wonderful variety of luxury bookcase options to offer you. So, no matter what the purpose, we’ve got you covered for your bookcase needs.

Why choose James Said?

Have faith in our ability to deliver the best possible bookcases in Australia, with ample choice and experts on hand to guide you through the process, purchasing your next piece of furniture has never been simpler. Feel free to talk this through with one of our advisers over the phone, or you can even email us a picture of your room and ask us for a recommendation from one of our design experts.