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Sofas & Sofa Chairs

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  1. Lindau Lyssa Off White Sofa - Inside Corner
    From $2,080.00 From $2,600.00
  2. Novelle Lyssa Off-White Sofa
    From $6,280.00 From $7,850.00
  3. Carbone Lyssa Sand Sofa
    From $5,840.00 From $7,300.00
  4. Bjorn Lyssa Sand Round Sofa
    From $5,016.00 From $6,270.00
  5. Cabrera Lyssa Off-White Sofa
    From $10,016.00 From $12,520.00
  6. Corso Sofa Lyssa Sand
    From $6,292.00 From $7,865.00
  7. Bjorn Lyssa Sand Large Sofa
    From $10,848.00 From $13,560.00
  8. Divisadero Reve Greige Sofa
    From $8,928.00 From $11,160.00
  9. Lounge Club Nuoro Beige Sofa
    From $10,016.00 From $12,520.00
  10. Residenza Lyssa Off-White Sofa
    From $9,032.00 From $11,290.00
  11. Bjorn Lyssa Sand Small Sofa
    From $8,488.00 From $10,610.00
  12. Taraval Reve Grey Sofa
    From $8,160.00 From $10,200.00
  13. Cruz Sofa Avalon Sand
    From $5,120.00 From $6,400.00
  14. Romeo Sofa - Customise
    From $11,176.00 From $13,970.00
  15. Rivolo Lyssa Off White Sofa
    From $6,320.00 From $7,900.00
  16. Aurelio Avalon White Armchair
    From $2,776.00 From $3,470.00
    In stock
  17. Kelly Large Boucle Black Sofa
    From $7,152.00 From $8,940.00
  18. Dorchester Cavett Deep Blue Velvet Sofa
    From $5,040.00 From $6,300.00
  19. Piccadilly Vintage Pink Boucle Sofa
    From $7,520.00 From $9,400.00
  20. Xylon Attesso Beige Sofa
    From $8,320.00 From $10,400.00
  21. Sidney Nuoro Beige Sofa
    From $8,320.00 From $10,400.00
  22. Agostino Nuoro Beige Sofa
    From $4,560.00 From $5,700.00
  23. Residenza Lyssa Sand Sofa
    From $9,032.00 From $11,290.00
  24. Manzo Teak Indoor/Outdoor Sofa
    From $5,088.00 From $6,360.00
  25. Philipp Plein Black Signature Sofa
    From $11,040.00 From $13,800.00
  26. Philipp Plein Off White Signature Sofa
    From $11,040.00 From $13,800.00
  27. Philipp Plein Off White Signature Lounge
    From $13,520.00 From $16,900.00
  28. Philipp Plein Black Signature Lounge
    From $13,520.00 From $16,900.00
  29. Philipp Plein Large Rockstud Sofa
    From $23,920.00 From $29,900.00
  30. Philipp Plein Small Rockstud Sofa
    From $20,400.00 From $25,500.00
  31. Philipp Plein Icon Sofa
    From $10,560.00 From $13,200.00
  32. Firenze Lyssa Sand Sofa with Chaise
    From $7,600.00 From $9,500.00
  33. Firenze Lyssa Sand Sofa
    From $4,760.00 From $5,950.00
  34. Moderno Small Sofa Aveiro Sand - Right Chaise
    From $9,520.00 From $11,900.00
  35. Moderno Aveiro Sand Small Sofa - Left Chaise
    From $9,520.00 From $11,900.00
  36. Moderno Large Aveiro Sand Sofa
    From $20,800.00 From $26,000.00

Items 1-36 of 260

per page
Set Descending Direction

Create an Air of Beauty and Comfort with Luxury Sofas

Revamp and update your living room with a brand new luxury sofa to add instant style and luxury to your home. Designed with both practicality and comfort in mind, our collection of high end sofas are the perfect new addition to your home. With seamless finishings front and back, our luxury range of designer sofas will become the focal point of your living room.

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Sofa Chairs Work Well Alone or with our Luxury Sofas

Modern sofas in Australia are, no doubt, the first thing guests notice when they walk into a main living area. This is where you’ll invite your guests to relax and chat over drinks. The sofa is also the place where the family hangs out to watch television or movies.
But, what if you live alone and don't entertain many guests all that often? You likely don't need to buy a sofa because it might take up unnecessary space.
However, you may still wish to have a comfortable place to relax and something to add a splash of style to your main room, no matter how small it is or how many guests get to enjoy it. Your living room is more about you than anyone else so why not invest in a sofa chair?

A sofa chair serves the same purpose as a full sofa in Australia, except it takes up much less space and is easier to move around. That bare corner in your living area will look so much more inviting at the end of the day when you know you can sink into a sofa chair and get comfortable with a good book after a long day.

Why choose James Said?

When it comes to comfort and style, we have you covered. When you buy a sofa online in Australia through us, you'll get a quality, well-made item that will stand the test of time and use.