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  1. Cap-Antibes Black Armchair
    From $3,405.00 From $4,540.00
    In stock
  2. Allure Swing Chair
    From $16,920.00 From $22,560.00
  3. Eleanor Outdoor Dining Armchair
    From $3,637.50 From $4,850.00
  4. Fable Swing Armchair
    From $13,462.50 From $17,950.00
  5. Honolulu Outdoor Armchair
    From $1,357.50 From $1,810.00
  6. Laroc Natural Teak Outdoor Armchair & Footstool
    From $2,040.00 From $2,720.00
  7. Pivetti Natural Teak Outdoor Armchair
    From $2,040.00 From $2,720.00
  8. Relax Boucle Cream Armchair
    From $2,460.00 From $3,280.00
  9. Manzo Teak Indoor/Outdoor Armchair
    From $2,730.00 From $3,640.00
  10. Laguno Sand Armchair
    From $2,460.00 From $3,280.00
  11. Saccu Armchair -Customise
    From $7,260.00 From $9,680.00
  12. Trace Lounge Armchair - Customise
    From $3,045.00 From $4,060.00
  13. Nodo Lounge Armchair - Customise
    From $8,167.50 From $10,890.00
  14. Nodo Hanging Armchair - Customise
    From $12,337.50 From $16,450.00
  15. Ribbon Lounge Armchair - Customise
    From $5,010.00 From $6,680.00
  16. Fable Hanging Armchair - Customise
    From $8,475.00 From $11,300.00
  17. Houdini Arm Chair - Customise
    From $13,792.50 From $18,390.00
  18. Lomax Armchair
    From $2,040.00 From $2,720.00
  19. Belle Vue Sand Armchair
    From $2,460.00 From $3,280.00
  20. Mandelieu Greige Armchair
    From $3,405.00 From $4,540.00
  21. Cap-Ferrat Black Armchair
    From $2,460.00 From $3,280.00
  22. Cap-Ferrat Sand Armchair
    From $2,460.00 From $3,280.00
  23. Mandelieu Greige Sofa
    From $8,175.00 From $10,900.00
  24. Ocean Club White Outdoor Armchair
    From $3,615.00 From $4,820.00
  25. Ocean Club Black Outdoor Armchair
    From $3,615.00 From $4,820.00
  26. Como White Outdoor Armchair
    From $2,730.00 From $3,640.00
  27. Como Black Outdoor Armchair
    From $2,730.00 From $3,640.00
  28. Bella Vista White Outdoor Armchair
    From $2,730.00 From $3,640.00
  29. Bella Vista Black Outdoor Armchair
    From $2,730.00 From $3,640.00

29 Items

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Modern Arm Chairs in Australia Provide Ultimate Comfort

Our range of modern armchairs offers sublime comfort, with an elegant style. As one of our flagship products, we take pride in our ability to deliver luxury armchairs, without compromising on quality. With our wide variety of designs, there is no shortage of choice, ranging from lavish and glamorous to cosy and comfortable, we have the perfect modern armchair for you, no matter your style of home. Perfectly crafted from premium materials, our range reflects our ideology as a company. Our luxury products not only reflect your style and lifestyle, but truly create an atmosphere within a room. The style and calibre of a contemporary armchair allows it to act as a centrepiece of the room, even when surrounded by other fabulous furnishings. Our concepts are exclusively created by an elite team of designers, to ensure you’re receiving the very best on the market. No matter the style of chair you choose, rest assured that it will have a contemporary flair to it, allowing the room to transcend into the modern era of designer households.

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You Can Never Have Too Many Arm Chairs

When we think of arm chairs, we tend to think of the living room. While it's nice to have an arm chair or two in the living area of your home, these chairs are a great addition to any room. It's nice to relax in a comfortable chair after a long day, but it's also nice to change up the scenery from time to time. Instead of always retreating to the living room, you can have these chairs placed in many areas around the house including the bedrooms, the rumpus room, or your home office.


We've all been there; we get too cosy in the living room chair and come bedtime, we don't want to get up and make our way across the house to the bedroom. The problem is easily solved by adding a cosy arm chair to your bedroom. This will ensure that you have a comfortable place to read or catch up on texts and emails. When it comes time for sleep, all you have to do is walk a few feet to the bed.

Home Office

If you work from home, you still need to take a break during the day. Having an arm chair in your office will remind you that you need to relax and take a break from the computer. You won't need to travel far to stretch out in a comfortable chair with your afternoon coffee or tea.

Why choose James Said?

With so many contemporary armchairs on the market, why choose us? Our experience in providing our customers with luxury products, means that we understand how to ensure our pieces are of the highest quality, whilst still being unique to us. Take a step towards the extraordinary and browse our armchairs online today.