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  1. Xperience Grey Marble Table Lamp
    From $1,080.00 From $1,350.00
  2. Xperience Travertine Table Lamp
    From $1,080.00 From $1,350.00
  3. Xperience Black Marble Table Lamp
    From $1,080.00 From $1,350.00
  4. Omnia Table Lamp
    From $1,352.00 From $1,690.00
  5. Riley Gunmetal & Polished Brass Table Lamp
    From $1,424.00 From $1,780.00
  6. Joshua Black Table Lamp
    From $1,312.00 From $1,640.00
  7. Etruscan Brass Table Lamp
    From $1,488.00 From $1,860.00
  8. Cassini Table Lamp
    From $2,328.00 From $2,910.00
  9. Livre Brass Desk Lamp
    From $1,000.00 From $1,250.00
  10. Berkley Brass Table Lamp
    From $1,592.00 From $1,990.00
  11. Floral Brass Table Lamp
    From $1,216.00 From $1,520.00
  12. Compton Antique Brass Table Lamp
    From $1,000.00 From $1,250.00
  13. Havana Desk Lamp
    From $2,016.00 From $2,520.00
  14. Setai Smoked Crystal Glass Table Lamp
    From $3,272.00 From $4,090.00
  15. Setai Amber Crystal Glass Table Lamp
    From $3,272.00 From $4,090.00
  16. Charlene Brass Table Lamp
    From $824.00 From $1,030.00
  17. Regis Brass Table Lamp
    From $944.00 From $1,180.00
  18. Kingston Bronze Table Lamp
    From $608.00 From $760.00
  19. Banker Trust Brass Lamp
    From $840.00 From $1,050.00
  20. Navy Nickel Desk Lamp
    From $648.00 From $810.00
  21. Soho Brass Table Lamp
    From $624.00 From $780.00
  22. Soho Nickel Table Lamp
    From $624.00 From $780.00
  23. Windolf Brass Table Lamp
    From $1,208.00 From $1,510.00
  24. Windolf Nickel Table Lamp
    From $1,208.00 From $1,510.00

24 Items

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Choosing a sharply designed office desk lamp is the ideal way to create a harmonious working environment. Naturally, you need to have a well-lit space if you’re going to reach peak productivity. For a truly luxurious home office, modern desk lamps also serve as outstanding statement pieces that unite the design of your room. Although you might be tempted to choose a rudimentary desk lamp, don’t underestimate the benefit of a high-quality desk lamp in terms of lighting and style. Read More

James Said specialises in elegant desk lamps that appeal to a range of different aesthetics. Whether you prefer a style on the cutting-edge of industrial design or one with a timeless quality, we offer a vast selection of exceptional desk lamps made from the highest-quality materials. From opulent French-inspired designs to sleek options featuring refined black marble bases, browse James Said’s online store to find the perfect office desk lamp for your home workspace.

Classic and Modern Office Desk Lamps

When considering the elements of your home office design, lighting should be one of your top concerns. While you’ll also want to have adequate general lighting to brighten up your entire space, having a premium desk lamp is the best way to remain productive at your office desk. If you spend long hours buried in work, ending the day with strained eyes can lead to increased fatigue and headaches. However, a modern desk lamp from James Said will improve your home office productivity.

James Said’s home office desk lamps cater to a wide range of customers thanks to our diverse, hand-picked collection. We have options with thick brass shades to provide a pleasant, soft ambience to your entire space, while many of our designs also have highly adjustable arms so you can position your lamp in the optimal spot for working. Consider your needs before browsing our comprehensive online store to find the perfect desk lamp for your needs.

Find A Stylish Desk Lamp at James Said

The desk lamp you choose for your office has the power to make or break the atmosphere. If you purchase from James Said, our curated selection from leading international designers ensures that you own a striking piece that also improves your output. Alongside our extensive selection of home and office furnishings, your home office will effortlessly reflect your individual personality and sense of style.

To get a closer look at our range of modern desk lamps, head along to James Said’s Sydney or Melbourne showrooms. Here, you’ll also get to explore the rest of our collection of beautiful high-end furnishings, ranging from luxurious casegoods to designer rugs and accessories. Simply make your purchase and collect it from our Sydney-based warehouse or either of our showrooms.

Alternatively, we have a white glove delivery service that ensures your items are swiftly delivered quickly without a hitch. Get in touch with our friendly team today for enquiries and more information.