Choosing the Best Floor Rugs for Your Home

Exhibit a touch of class with a selection of designer rugs in your home. With fantastic designs, vibrant colours and intricate patterns, all the rugs in our collection are perfectly crafted to an elite standard. We take pride in displaying the finest products on the market to our clients, allowing you to have the peace of mind that when you buy from us you will be purchasing a product of real quality for your home.

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A rug can captivate the room it’s in. With the right application it can transform a room into chic, well refined room that compliments the rest of your furniture and belongings. That’s why when you search for designer rugs, Australia, it is important to trust that you will receive a product of the highest quality and craftsmanship. We have an exquisite variety of shapes and sizes available to accommodate different room styles. Whether you are yearning for a beautiful rug to create ambience in your bedroom, a luxurious rug to accentuate your living room or a narrow rug to draw the eye down your hallway, we have the selection for you.

Without a rug, a room lacks a certain character. It's likely that when you walk into a room, you notice immediately if there is no floor rug. At first, you know something is missing but can't quite pinpoint what it is until you realise that the floor is bare. Rug-less floors are also hard and cold on the feet, which is why rugs don't just add character and style to a room, they add comfort and warmth.

Accidents happen, especially if you have kids and the floors seem to take the brunt of the spills and dents. Unfortunately, some of these accidents are not easily corrected without costly repairs. Our collection of floor rugs in Australia features a wide range of floor rugs that will cover up those stains and makes so guests are focused on your beautiful rug.

Floor Rugs Aren't Just for the Living Room

When people think of floor rugs, they usually think of the main living area of the home. But a rug is the perfect addition to any room including bedrooms, dining room and bathroom. A beautiful rug will add a pop of colour to an otherwise bare floor and brighten up any room.

Why choose James Said?

Our belief is that any product we offer has to be of the highest quality so all of our clients can receive a product that you will be proud to have in your home. We are both enthusiastic and passionate about interior design and want to make sure you are receiving the best each and every time. That’s why our dedicated team of experts work together to select the very best options on the market, hand-selecting each and every one of the pieces in our collection based on their promise of premium craftsmanship and timeless style. Our ethos is that we wouldn’t sell anything that we wouldn’t also love to have in our own homes, therefore we can promise you that we have total confidence in all of the products we feature.

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    Breck Rug 300 x 400

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    Breck Rug 200 x 300


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