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  1. Rapho Vintage Brass Table Lamp
    From $817.50 From $1,090.00
    In stock
  2. Stilla Antique Brass Table Lamp
    From $1,230.00 From $1,640.00
    In stock
  3. Menaggio Table Lamp
    From $1,087.50 From $1,450.00
    In stock
  4. Serena Table Lamp
    From $1,672.50 From $2,230.00
  5. Michelino Table Lamp
    From $825.00 From $1,100.00
  6. Mazzini Table Lamp
    From $1,237.50 From $1,650.00
  7. Volturno Table Lamp
    From $967.50 From $1,290.00
  8. Rovido Table Lamp
    From $1,372.50 From $1,830.00
  9. Canzo Table Lamp
    From $1,372.50 From $1,830.00
  10. Bellani Table Lamp
    From $1,245.00 From $1,660.00
  11. Vigentino Table Lamp
    From $1,117.50 From $1,490.00
  12. Beau Rivage Round Table Lamp
    From $1,267.50 From $1,690.00
  13. Camelia Grey Marble Table Lamp
    From $2,505.00 From $3,340.00
  14. Camelia Black Marble Table Lamp
    From $2,505.00 From $3,340.00
  15. Kearny Table Lamp
    From $967.50 From $1,290.00
  16. Macias Table Lamp
    From $1,245.00 From $1,660.00
  17. Callao Table Lamp
    From $1,372.50 From $1,830.00
  18. Riverbank Table Lamp
    From $990.00 From $1,320.00
  19. Ortiz Table Lamp
    From $1,800.00 From $2,400.00
  20. Ziegel Table Lamp
    From $862.50 From $1,150.00
  21. Windolf Table Lamp
    From $1,215.00 From $1,620.00
  22. Mclean Table Lamp 20cm Diameter
    From $1,447.50 From $1,930.00
  23. Mclean Table Lamp 15cm Diameter
    From $1,035.00 From $1,380.00
  24. Mclean Table Lamp 11cm Diameter
    From $885.00 From $1,180.00
  25. Marchand Table Lamp
    From $1,890.00 From $2,520.00
  26. Luciano Table Lamp
    From $1,215.00 From $1,620.00
  27. Kilian Table Lamp
    From $1,117.50 From $1,490.00
  28. Iris Table Lamp
    From $1,597.50 From $2,130.00
  29. Fontelina Table Lamp
    From $1,290.00 From $1,720.00
  30. Cullingham Grey Marble Table Lamp
    From $1,215.00 From $1,620.00
  31. Cullingham White Marble Table Lamp
    From $1,215.00 From $1,620.00
  32. Claudel Table Lamp
    From $900.00 From $1,200.00
  33. Bologno Desk Lamp
    From $1,192.50 From $1,590.00
  34. Zanotta Table Lamp
    From $817.50 From $1,090.00
  35. Valerius Table Lamp
    From $3,405.00 From $4,540.00
  36. Newall Table Lamp
    From $2,460.00 From $3,280.00

Items 1-36 of 250

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When it comes to setting a mood or creating ambiance in any modern home, it is incredible how much of a difference the perfect table lamp can make. Forming part of the multi-layered lighting plan of your home interior, a table lamp is more than a mere task lighting. Doubling as a decorative accent, adding a lamp can deliver some eclecticism to the living space. Neither too extravagant nor too obscure, a table lamp of modern design can imbue your home with style. Whether you’re all for a minimalist interior or one that takes maximalism and quirkiness to new heights, the right table lamp will serve as a useful piece of furniture that not only possesses practical functions but also aesthetic appeal.

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Illuminate Spaces with Modern Style Table Lamps

Table lamps are wonderfully versatile and can be used in multiple areas within your home, creating a cosy and comforting ambience and spreading the light across the room to bring your other furniture pieces and decorative elements to life. It even has the ability to elevate your home interior design when integrated strategically. Choosing modern table lamps for the bedroom will allow you to enjoy your night-time reading with a perfect level of lighting, or create a relaxed and intimate mood that an overhead light just can’t match. Alternatively, choose the perfect design to suit your living room and you will soon emanate that feeling of true class and luxury, with a beautifully designed lamp every guest will admire.

The James Said Modern Table Lamp Collection

Designed and crafted to be a statement piece in and of itself, the designer table lamp collection on James Said Australia will complement any modern home. Exuding a vintage and retro feel, the sleek and clean lines in our selection are sure to turn heads. Tagged with the motto to “create beautiful” furniture, you can rest assured that the skilful craftsmanship put into creating each piece will last you a lifetime.

Why choose James Said?

At James Said, our range of designer table lamps promise real quality to our customers across Australia. Personally selected by our elite team of specialists, you’ll notice the difference straight away. Taking pride in our furniture collection, we work hard to provide you with the most exclusive range of luxurious table lamps Australia has to offer. We feel proud to carry such fantastic designs in our collection.

Our goal is to deliver a product that you will be proud to display in your home. We are passionate about glamour and style, hence why we hand-select all of the pieces in our collection for the promise of premium craftsmanship and timeless style. Browse our exquisite range of glamorous designer table lamps available in Australia online today!