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  1. Belmont White Buffet
    From $3,892.50 From $5,190.00
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  2. Dalmar Cabinet
    From $7,582.50 From $10,110.00
  3. Gallery Black Cabinet
    From $7,432.50 From $9,910.00
  4. Metropolitan Charcoal Grey Small Cabinet
    From $8,115.00 From $10,820.00
  5. Billinghurst Brushed Brass Cabinet
    From $5,445.00 From $7,260.00
  6. Clio Brushed Brass and Black Low Cabinet
    From $6,127.50 From $8,170.00
  7. Serena Cabinet
    From $7,170.00
  8. Heath Cabinet
    From $10,500.00
  9. Delphine Cabinet
    From $5,797.50
  10. Byrn Cabinet
    From $8,107.50
  11. Highland Charcoal Brown Oak Cabinet
    From $6,127.50 From $8,170.00
  12. Jane Small Mocha Meranti Cabinet
    From $4,357.50 From $5,810.00
  13. Jane Mocha Meranti Tall Cabinet
    From $7,492.50 From $9,990.00
  14. Gregorio Oak Cabinet
    From $7,492.50 From $9,990.00
  15. Avenue Montaigne Black & White Cabinet
    From $4,087.50 From $5,450.00
  16. Highland Washed Oak Cabinet
    From $6,127.50 From $8,170.00

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When you think of cabinets, you may think of a simple storage unit with not much else to offer. Here at James Said, we have redefined this simple piece of furniture to turn it into one of our leading designer products. We specialise in luxury cabinets with fantastic designs, which redefine the standards for furniture.

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Not only are these designer cabinets crafted to perfection, but they are a reflection of us as a company and represent the exquisite nature of our style. We know that you want the very best on the market and we go the extra mile to ensure that you receive just that, right down to the finest detail. We are constantly evaluating our exquisite range of products, making sure that they are crisply built with a superior, immaculately polished finish. Due to this incredible attention to detail , we can promise that each and every one of our cabinets, whether you prefer traditional style or modern cabinets, can become a focal point of every room.

Why choose James Said?

When you indulge in decadence, you want to know that you’re getting a genuine, authentic, designer piece of furniture. James Said is a name that you can trust. Having been in the industry for a long time, you can have confidence that we will always deliver luxurious and premium pieces to an impeccable standard.

If you are after an elegant, contemporary unit which will transcend a room into a whole new level of chic, then check out our cabinets for sale online. With our Australia-based exquisite range of luxury cabinets, we can guarantee that we have the right cabinet for you and your home, regardless of you style.