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Side Tables

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  1. Ryan Side Table
    From $3,405.00 From $4,540.00
    In stock
  2. Riviera Brushed Brass Side Table
    From $2,730.00 From $3,640.00
    In stock
  3. Concord Brass Side Table
    From $3,405.00 From $4,540.00
    In stock
  4. McArthur Black Side Table
    From $1,087.50 From $1,450.00
    In stock
  5. Cocktail Bronze Marble Side Table
    From $1,357.50 From $1,810.00
    In stock
  6. Cocktail Brass Side Table
    From $1,372.50 From $1,830.00
  7. Ranco Side Table
    From $960.00 From $1,280.00
  8. Addison Side Table - Set of 2
    From $2,467.50 From $3,290.00
  9. Arturo Side Table
    From $960.00 From $1,280.00
  10. Cubico Side Table
    From $1,372.50 From $1,830.00
  11. Laura Side Table
    From $832.50 From $1,110.00
  12. Maratea Side Table
    From $1,042.50 From $1,390.00
  13. Gubbio Side Table
    From $1,792.50 From $2,390.00
  14. Padua Small Side Table
    From $1,117.50 From $1,490.00
  15. Padua Large Side Table
    From $1,245.00 From $1,660.00
  16. Cremona Side Table
    From $697.50 From $930.00
  17. Nuova Side Table
    From $1,117.50 From $1,490.00
  18. Tavolara Side table
    From $967.50 From $1,290.00
  19. Panarea Side Table
    From $697.50 From $930.00
  20. Nota Side Table
    From $2,062.50 From $2,750.00
  21. Ferndale Side Table set of 2
    From $2,617.50 From $3,490.00
  22. Crescent Side Table
    From $2,062.50 From $2,750.00
  23. Claremont Side Table
    From $1,372.50 From $1,830.00
  24. Rafaello Side Table
    From $1,245.00 From $1,660.00
  25. Bodega Side Table
    From $2,062.50 From $2,750.00
  26. Larino Small Side Table
    From $2,760.00 From $3,680.00
  27. Larino Large Side Table
    From $3,015.00 From $4,020.00
  28. Claremore Side Table
    From $3,300.00 From $4,400.00
  29. Americana Black Side Table
    From $1,762.50 From $2,350.00
  30. Lioness Bronze Side Table
    From $3,382.50 From $4,510.00
  31. Cortina Oval Vintage Brass & White Marble Side Table
    From $1,357.50 From $1,810.00
  32. Kayan Large Black Granite & Polished Brass Side Table
    From $1,635.00 From $2,180.00
  33. Gee Vintage Brass and Handmade Glass Side Table
    From $2,040.00 From $2,720.00
  34. Clio Brushed Brass Side Table
    From $2,992.50 From $3,990.00
  35. Billinghurst Brushed Brass Side Table
    From $2,460.00 From $3,280.00
  36. Faye Brushed Brass Side Table
    From $2,040.00 From $2,720.00

Items 1-36 of 223

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The Best Side Tables in Australia

When it comes to side tables, Australia has some of the best products on the market and here at James Said, we have a phenomenal selection of these at our disposal.

It’s easy to think that a side table doesn’t add much to a room or is a rather minute aspect; however, we believe that it has a far greater impact than that. Modern side tables are fairly small in size, meaning they are excellent at being adapted to various positions within a room. So, let’s take a look at some of the best scenarios to incorporate this beautiful piece of furniture. Read More

There's a Side Table for every Room

The Living Room

Typically, the most likely place you will find a luxury side table is in the living room, alongside a sofa or armchair.

If you were to walk in and see the room without those units in place you would feel like there was a gaping hole in the room with an incomplete sense surrounding it.

By ensuring your side unit is positioned in pride of place, your living room will begin to exude luxury and glamour.

The Hallway

Sometimes a hallway can feel naked without a side table; somewhere to put down your keys and mail as you walk in the door. It’s not only about making your home beautiful, but also practical, and something as simple as a side table in the hallway can make all the difference, so why not browse our range of side tables online today!

The Bedrooms

Unlike the bedside table that holds items while you sleep, a side table can hold a host of other items that you don't use often but like to keep close. A lamp, books, reading glasses, a clock and perhaps a few little decorative ornaments are just some of the items commonly placed on side tables.

The Kitchen

If you have a bare space in your kitchen that you've been trying to fill, consider putting a side table there.

A tall, round side table with a glass top looks elegant in an otherwise bare corner and is an ideal location to keep things away from the main countertop.

Whether it serves a functional purpose or it's just there to add a splash of colour and style to your kitchen, placing a pretty bouquet of flowers or family heirloom on it for a personal touch gives you something beautiful to look at.

Whether you prefer a modern round side table for a more updated and elegant look or you prefer a traditional square table with some drawers or shelves - at James Said, you'll find a wide variety of side tables to match your home's decor and your personal style.

Why choose James Said?

Furnishings at James Said are expertly crafted in various sizes, designs and colours. Each piece is carefully selected so you have a range of options to choose from. We take style and convenience into account and when you choose to buy side tables online in Australia through us, you can rest assured that you are getting a quality, luxury item that'll serve you well for years to come.

Explore our Occasional Side Tables

Occasional Side Tables are often used in lounge rooms, conveniently placed next to sofas and seating areas. They’re perfect for placing your drinks or adding reading lamps. For this reason, their best located within arms reach for easy access, comfort and convenience.

You’ll always find a use for a small side table. Whether they’re used to stack books in a study or a stylish base for a sound system or TV, a side table can always offer style and functionality.

Best Side Table Sizes

Side tables come in all shapes and sizes. The dimensions you need depend upon what you’re using it for and the style of the furniture you already own.

Narrow side tables are some of our most popular pieces because of their versatility and functionality. Simply slide one of these small and subtle side tables next to a couch or armchair for the perfect place to put a drink, book or laptop.

The Harvey Bronze Side Table is the ideal example, taking up minimal space while delivering true style and functionality.

Pick the Right Material

The perfect side table will be made from a material that complements your home and the style of your room. It also needs to be functional - avoiding any material that might stain, scratch or deteriorate over time.

Marble is one of the most stylish substances on earth and the perfect material for your new side table. Marble side tables are a great choice because of their rock-solid finish which stands the test of time.

The Clipper High White Marble Side Table is a stunning example of a marble side table. This bright beautiful design is sure to give your home a true glow and become the focal point of any room.

Find the Perfect Colour

Once you’ve decided on the perfect size and material for your side table, the last thing to consider is the colour. James Said offers a huge selection of side tables to browse online, so it's simple to explore our range and decide on the right colour.

Black side tables are always popular because of their sleek and understated style. They’ll seamlessly blend in with any interior design style. They also provide the functionality you need without becoming stained, dirty or damaged over time, due to their dark tone.

The Artemisa Side Table embodies this deep, jet black finish. An elegant side table with an understated look, it’s the perfect addition to any room with a relaxed and intimate atmosphere.