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  1. Lucca Travertine Small Column
    From $1,620.00 From $2,160.00
  2. Lucca Travertine Large Column
    From $2,032.50 From $2,710.00
  3. Lucca White Marble Small Column
    From $1,762.50 From $2,350.00
  4. Lucca White Marble Large Column
    From $2,437.50 From $3,250.00
  5. Grant Black Oak Small Column
    From $1,215.00 From $1,620.00
  6. Grant Natural Oak Small Column
    From $1,215.00 From $1,620.00
  7. Grant Black Oak Large Column
    From $1,357.50 From $1,810.00
  8. Grant Natural Oak Large Column
    From $1,357.50 From $1,810.00
  9. Ceres Large Colum Large
    From $1,087.50 From $1,450.00
  10. Ceres Small Column
    From $817.50 From $1,090.00
  11. Cuneo Large Travertine Column
    From $2,040.00 From $2,720.00
  12. Cuneo Small Travertine Column
    From $2,040.00 From $2,720.00
  13. Christophe Vintage Brass Centre Table
    From $3,405.00 From $4,540.00
  14. Meissner Small Copper Column
    From $1,635.00 From $2,180.00
  15. Meissner Large Copper Column
    From $1,770.00 From $2,360.00
  16. Caselli Black Faux Marble Column
    From $2,040.00 From $2,720.00
  17. Perdiz Pedestal - Customise
    From $5,565.00 From $7,420.00
  18. Salvatore Medium Black Column
    From $1,230.00 From $1,640.00
  19. Salvatore Large Black Column
    From $1,357.50 From $1,810.00
  20. Marceau Black Column
    From $2,040.00 From $2,720.00
  21. Demoiselle Nickel Column
    From $2,407.50 From $3,210.00

21 Items

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If you want to create an impact the instant someone steps through your door, then invest in one of our luxury display stands. With elegant, striking designs they will be a bold and beautiful addition to your home. Fuelled with contemporary charm, this piece will add a layer of glamour and elegance to your foyer or entrance. Make sure to display one of your favourite statues or vases on your pedestal stand to really enhance this centerpiece and make a statement about who you are.

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Our exquisite collection offers countless sumptuous options for you to choose from. For a real chic and modern look that oozes with class, then check out our Black Faux Marble Column which has been crafted to perfection, giving that slick, glossy appearance embodied with solid exquisite marble. For a more traditional yet chic style check out some of our handmade wooden columns which are cleanly cut with every detail rounded to perfection. Or, if you like the glamorous lifestyle then be sure to gaze upon our gold plated display stands and embrace the Hollywood lifestyle.

Why choose James Said?

We firmly believe that we know how to make an impression when it comes to interior design. All of our products have been refined to the highest calibre. Our range of display stands within Australia are no exception, being pristine, exemplary and unparalleled in luxury. So why go for less when you can have so much more? Browse our range of display stands for sale today!