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  1. Nesto Brushed Brass Console
    From $5,175.00 From $6,900.00
    In stock
  2. Clay Bookshelf Custom
    From $4,170.00 From $5,560.00
  3. Scario Cabinet
    From $3,015.00 From $4,020.00
  4. Clio Round Low Cabinet
    From $6,435.00 From $8,580.00
  5. Clio Round Cabinet
    From $7,957.50 From $10,610.00
  6. Clio Corner Cabinet
    From $7,552.50 From $10,070.00
  7. Gallery Black Cabinet
    From $7,432.50 From $9,910.00
  8. Watson Brushed Brass Cabinet
    From $10,140.00 From $13,520.00
  9. Terra Shelf
    From $3,667.50 From $4,890.00
  10. Woodland Shelf
    From $5,467.50
  11. Stella Shelf
    From $3,990.00
  12. Brett Charcoal Grey Cabinet
    From $6,817.50 From $9,090.00
  13. Brett Washed Oak Cabinet
    From $6,817.50 From $9,090.00
  14. Nesto Brushed Brass Etegere
    From $6,817.50 From $9,090.00
  15. Miguel Small Cabinet
    From $4,762.50 From $6,350.00
  16. Raynard Classic Brown Cabinet with Rattan Cane Webbing Shelves
    From $4,500.00 From $6,000.00
  17. Geo Charcoal Grey Crown Oak & Brushed Brass Etagere
    From $6,817.50 From $9,090.00
  18. Clio Brushed Brass & Black Cabinet
    From $6,817.50 From $9,090.00
  19. Geo Charcoal Grey Crown Oak Cabinet
    From $6,817.50 From $9,090.00
  20. Omega Brass Cabinet
    From $6,127.50 From $8,170.00
  21. Lagonda Brass & Smoked Glass Cabinet
    From $6,127.50 From $8,170.00
  22. Stewart Gold Leaf Etagere
    From $3,495.00 From $4,660.00
  23. Gregorio Oak Cabinet
    From $7,492.50 From $9,990.00
  24. Ward Charcoal Grey & Brushed Brass Cabinet
    From $7,492.50 From $9,990.00
  25. Curata Bookcase
    From $4,927.50 From $6,570.00
  26. Lagonda Gold Cabinet
    From $6,127.50 From $8,170.00
  27. Berndorff Small Stainless Steel Cabinet
    From $2,340.00 From $3,120.00
  28. Berndorff Small Gold Cabinet
    From $3,165.00 From $4,220.00
  29. Harmony Black Cabinet
    From $4,350.00 From $5,800.00
  30. Flora Bookcase - Customise
    From $30,660.00 From $40,880.00
  31. Florence Gold & Black Cabinet
    From $6,525.00 From $8,700.00
  32. Trento Gold Cabinet
    From $4,087.50 From $5,450.00
  33. Lagonda Cabinet
    From $6,127.50 From $8,170.00
  34. Soto Gold Cabinet
    From $5,445.00 From $7,260.00
  35. Cipriani Cabinet
    From $7,492.50 From $9,990.00
  36. Berndorff Gold Cabinet
    From $6,127.50 From $8,170.00

36 Items

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If you love to display your belongings where you can truly appreciate and admire them, then perhaps it’s time to invest in some luxury display shelves. There are multiple uses for shelving units. First and foremost is storage and display where you can position treasured photos of your family and friends, or perhaps even a precious heirloom you’d like to display. Ultimately, here at James Said we pride ourselves on delivering exemplary pieces of furniture; when it comes to shelving displays, this is no different. We want you to feel like you have a real centrepiece to work with, not just in terms of the items you have placed, but in the design of the unit itself. We stock the latest models of high quality shelving in the industry, offering slick designs with crisp well refined edges and a pristine range of contemporary shelving.

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Why choose James Said?

Take a page out of our book and invest in quality. Here at James Said we represent and guarantee the very best in materials and designs, so when you buy your shelves online with us you can enjoy your purchase knowing you have got a unit that will stand the test of time.

As well as a range of styles to suit all homes and lifestyles, we also appreciate that all rooms come in various shapes and sizes and have therefore incorporated a mixture of display units to cater to as many different rooms and situations as possible. If you have specific measurements, please refer to our website and look in the description to find exact dimensions of the unit. Alternatively, feel free to call one of our experts and they will guide you through any questions you may have, so you can feel assured that whatever piece you choose, you will ‘Create Beautiful’ in your home.