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  1. Costanzo Charcoal Grey Oak Bedside Table
    From $2,920.00 From $3,650.00
  2. Cabana Round Washed Oak & Bianco Lilac Marble Bedside Table
    From $4,368.00 From $5,460.00
  3. Rosemberg Charcoal Grey Oak Bedside Table
    From $3,192.00 From $3,990.00
  4. Curata Bedside Table
    From $3,168.00 From $3,960.00
    In stock
  5. Alexis White Lacquer Bedside Table
    From $1,832.00 From $2,290.00
  6. Esther White Lacquer Waterfall Side Table
    From $1,832.00 From $2,290.00
  7. Calvin Burlwood Bedside Table
    From $2,760.00 From $3,450.00
  8. Tucker Cane & Pine Wood Cabinet
    From $2,632.00 From $3,290.00
  9. Alexis Grey Lacquer Bedside Table
    From $1,832.00 From $2,290.00
  10. Tyrol Bedside Table
    From $2,872.00
  11. Shane Cerused Oak & White Lacquer Bedside Table
    From $2,152.00 From $2,690.00
  12. Marcus Navy Lacquer & Gold Leaf Bedside Table
    From $3,024.00 From $3,780.00
  13. Lorca Bedside Table
    From $3,008.00
  14. Calvin Burlwood Bedside Table
    From $2,760.00 From $3,450.00
    In stock
  15. Hancock White Lacquer Bedside Table
    From $2,848.00 From $3,560.00
  16. Hancock Natural Glasscloth Bedside Table
    From $2,848.00 From $3,560.00
  17. Amber Textured White Linen Bedside Table
    From $2,736.00 From $3,420.00
  18. Shane Grey Cerused Oak & White Lacquer Bedside Table
    From $2,152.00 From $2,690.00
  19. Amber Dove Grey Shagreen Bedside Table
    From $2,736.00 From $3,420.00
  20. Hazel Bedside Table
    From $2,360.00 From $2,950.00
  21. Denver Mocha Oak Bedside Table
    From $3,920.00 From $4,900.00
  22. Bedini Brown Oak Bedside Table
    From $1,960.00 From $2,450.00
  23. Corazon Charcoal Grey Oak Bedside Table
    From $3,544.00 From $4,430.00
  24. Cabana Washed Oak and Marble Bedside Table
    From $4,000.00 From $5,000.00
  25. Cabana Charcoal Grey Oak Veneer and Marble Bedside Table
    From $4,000.00 From $5,000.00
  26. Latour Classic Brown Bedside Table
    From $1,528.00 From $1,910.00
  27. Latour Classic Black Bedside Table
    From $1,528.00 From $1,910.00
  28. Highland Charcoal Brown Oak Bedside Table
    From $2,576.00 From $3,220.00
  29. Napa Valley Woven Light Washed Oak Bedside Table
    From $2,200.00 From $2,750.00
  30. Meribiel Mocha Straight Oak & Grey Leather Look Bedside Table
    From $2,752.00 From $3,440.00
  31. Canova Charcoal Grey Oak Side Table
    From $2,408.00 From $3,010.00
  32. Camelot Brown Oak & Brushed Brass Bedside Table
    From $2,752.00 From $3,440.00
    In stock
  33. Parker Mocha Oak & Brushed Brass Side Table
    From $2,408.00 From $3,010.00
  34. Clarington Mirror Glass Bedside Table
    From $3,160.00 From $3,950.00
  35. Cabas Mocha Straight Oak Veneer Bedside Table
    From $2,704.00 From $3,380.00
  36. Augusto Mocha Crown Oak Side Table
    From $2,952.00 From $3,690.00

Items 1-36 of 55

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Every Bed Needs A Bedside Table

People will come and go but a bedside table will always be by your side. It’s there for you when you fall asleep and when you rise in the morning. Whether you need something to put your drink on, a place for your phone, or your favourite book, it’ll take care of you.

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Here at James Said, we know that the right bedside table is far more than just a surface to leave your belongings; it’s an elegant piece of furniture that you will see every day. Therefore, it is essential that you find the right piece that makes you proud to call it your own.

When it comes to designer bedsides, there are plenty of choices available to suit your every style and need. Personally, we have a couple of favourite modern bedside tables that we are currently featuring on our website.

First up, we have the Bahamas Side Table; with a natural cane base and a clear glass top, this luxury bedside table exudes charm with a sleek black finish that really catches your eye. Secondly, the Winnie Light Burl Wood Bedside Table, boldly created with the iconic burl wood but intricately combined with an acrylic touch that gives it that impressive finish you’ll be proud to display.

Be audacious with your furniture and treat yourself to an elegantly designed piece. You want something that'll fit perfectly with your lifestyle and bring a touch of luxury and glamour to your bedroom.

Whatever your style, when you are looking for designer bedsides within Australia, you can trust the team here at James Said to have the perfect bedside for sale just waiting for you.


Imagine two rooms side by side. One room has a modern bedside table while the other room has no bedside table. Which one is more appealing to the eye? It's the one with the bedside table, right?

That's because a bedroom looks almost bare without this eye-catching centrepiece. When you look at a room with just a bed and a dresser, you instantly know that something is missing but you can't always pinpoint exactly what it is that's missing.

Do you think oak bedside tables have an elegant look that might match your bedroom decor? How about one that matches your colour scheme? A grey bedside table can go with many colours. Bedside tables in natural oak are a popular choice for a touch of style.


Bedside tables are one of our specialities, and one of the reasons why we are the top luxury furniture store in all of Australia. Whether you are looking for something bold, traditional, modern or something more subtle, we have plenty of bedside tables to choose from.

Explore our Bedside Table Collection

If you’re searching for the best bedside tables in Australia, then make James Said your first choice. We’ve created the perfect selection of modern and classic styles with the perfect combination of function and design.

If you’re looking to bring a new lease of life and a breath of fresh air to your bedroom, then explore our bedside tables. From clean and understated oak to classic, elegant leather, you’ll always be able to find the perfect piece.

Choose the Perfect Style

Modern bedside tables offer a huge choice of style, so you can find the choice that enhances the look and feel of your room. We aim to offer the very best of today’s designs, materials and colours.

Simply explore our collection of bedside tables and find the perfect piece that will enhance your interior design.

Best Bedside Table Textures

For a piece of furniture that you’ll use every day and treasure for years to come, make sure your bedside table is the perfect texture.

For sleek and stylish appeal, why not explore our mirrored bedside tables? Get a beautiful, clean finish, coupled with a functional array of drawers and storage. The Claudette Silver Mirrored Bedside Table includes a beautiful bevelled mirror top and polished nickel hardware.

Choose the Perfect Material

Wooden bedside tables are consistently some of our most popular sellers. They complement any interior style and bring warmth and comfort to your bedroom.

For a classic look and feel, why not try our oak bedside tables. These beautiful wood textures stand the test of time and last for decades. The Liza Wenge Oak Beige Leather Bedside Table is a perfect example of this simplicity and style.

Or, for that same beautiful wood finish in another sleek and stylish colour, why not check our ash collection. Our Enigma Black Ash Brass Bedside Table creates a truly luxurious look, crafted from stunning black ash and with a sleek brass finish.

Find the Perfect Colours

Our collection of bedside tables come in practically every colour imaginable, so whatever style you’re aiming to achieve, you’ll be able to find just what you’re looking for at James Said.

Black bedside tables and grey bedside tables offer dark tones for a stylish appeal. The Modesto Mocha Oak Bedside Table delivers a powerful, jet-black finish for a bold look.

White bedside tables and gold bedside tables bring a lighter feel to your home. To create a luminous look with a touch of luxury, then why not try the Genoa White Brass Two Drawer Bedside Table - a perfect white finish with brass fixtures.