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  1. Monarch Bronze & Black Leather Butler Tray
    From $2,872.00 From $3,590.00
  2. Martini Bianco Rattan Wine Cabinet
    From $2,664.00 From $3,330.00
  3. Monarch Brushed Brass & Tan Leather Butler Tray
    From $2,872.00 From $3,590.00
  4. Nilsson Wine Cabinet
    From $6,640.00 From $8,300.00
  5. Gerard Stainless Steel Bar Cart
    From $2,256.00 From $2,820.00
    In stock
  6. Philipp Plein Philipps Bar
    From $10,320.00 From $12,900.00
  7. Harrison Wine Cabinet
    From $6,952.00 From $8,690.00
  8. Brielle Bar Cabinet
    From $4,264.00 From $5,330.00
  9. Dimitrios Wine Cabinet
    From $5,792.00 From $7,240.00
  10. Jane Mocha Meranti Wine Cabinet
    From $6,240.00 From $7,800.00
  11. Meridiano Bar Cabinet - Customise
    From $25,216.00 From $31,520.00
  12. Martini Bianco Mustique Green Wine Cabinet
    From $3,296.00 From $4,120.00
  13. Mercier Black & White Marble Bar Table
    From $1,768.00 From $2,210.00
  14. Avoria Bar Table
    From $1,872.00 From $2,340.00
  15. DeLaRenta Washed Oak & Brass Bar Cabinet
    From $6,264.00 From $7,830.00
  16. Grimaldi Gold Bar
    From $3,160.00 From $3,950.00
  17. Grimaldi Black Bar
    From $3,160.00 From $3,950.00
  18. Walnut Bar Cabinet - Customise
    From $21,588.00 From $26,985.00
  19. Martini Bianco Dixon Black & White Wine Cabinet
    From $2,816.00 From $3,520.00
  20. Martini Bianco Classic Check Wine Cabinet
    From $3,136.00 From $3,920.00

20 Items

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Entertaining is Made Simple With the Right Bar Cabinet

Whether you love to entertain or simply enjoy having an elegant glass of wine in the evening, having your own luxury bar cabinet is going to give you the best of both worlds. If you have a fine selection of vintage wines or spirits on display, as a focal point of the room, then this is a fantastic option for you. Here at James Said, we have an exquisite range of bar cabinets online for you to choose from, from open cases, where you and your guests can admire your collection, to closed cabinet options, where you can have everything nicely placed and stored away so it’s as practical as it is immaculate.

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An evening of fine food and wine is made all that more relaxing and convenient when everything you need is readily available. When it comes to the evening's wine selections, having your collection displayed in a modern bar cabinet makes it easy for you and your guests to choose your preferred drink and keep the wine flowing into the evening.

Even without guests present, it's nice to have your wines on display. Often they come in elegantly-decorated bottles for a reason. You won't have to rummage in a dark old cupboard or cellar in the basement to find a wine to go with your dinner. With a home bar cabinet in your living room, dining room or kitchen, you can easily choose which red or white will best pair with your dinner.

We Offer More than Just Bar Cabinets in Australia

It’s not only cabinets that we offer here at James Said, we also offer an array of equipment to ensure that you enjoy your beverages to the fullest. For example, the Bacchus bottle opener, a personal favourite of ours, is elegantly crafted from nickel and is perfect suited for hosting parties or getting that much needed Friday feeling going. Alternatively, to ensure that you preserve your wine at the optimum serving temperature, why not invest in one of our lavish porthole wine coolers? Inspired by a nautical theme, it comes in the style of a sailing boats porthole, delivering a unique and stylish design. Or, for a true touch of timeless class and elegance, why not indulge and serve yourself a drink with our elegant Gatsby crystal decanter which comes with four curved whisky glasses.

If you wish to buy a bar cabinet for any room in your home, our beautiful collection is bound to have something that will highlight your collection and add a touch of elegance to the room.

Why choose James Said?

Trust in our ability to know true and timeless style when we see it. We have been working with these high-quality products for many years and personally pick the pieces that we have the utmost belief in as the ones we feature. So, rest assured, if you are looking for bar cabinets within Australia, the product you’re investing in has passed rigorous evaluations by our dedicated team of style experts.