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Create an Uncluttered and Airy Look With Modern Bar Stools From Our Collection

Contemporary bar stools and kitchen stools are perfect for open plan living. They keep your space light and airy; creating a wonderfully inviting open feel, whilst still remaining social and inclusive. Contemporary bar stools and kitchen stools are perfect for open plan living; they construct a wonderfully inviting, open feel whilst still creating an ideal environment for socialising. Your family and friends are able to sit with you and socialise whilst you prepare meals, or as you enjoy a quiet drink together. Less formal than dining room chairs, bar stools are the perfect addition to entertaining in the modern home.

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Whether you prefer handsome and traditional wooden designs, contemporary and stylish metal bar stools or sophisticated faux leather, you can be assured that our exquisite collection has the perfect bar stool to suit your home. Opt for a classic and seamless shape with sturdy legs and a comfortable back, or push the boundaries of style with an unusual piece possessing intricate detailing and eye catching style. Whatever your style, you can be assured that this touch of luxury will add wonder and elegance to your home.


Modern Bar Stools in Australia Can Serve Multiple Purposes

Besides encouraging social interaction among your guests and saving space, contemporary bar stools serve other purposes in the home as well. Bar stools can also give your recreation room a more social and enjoyable ambiance.

Searching for the perfect decorative item to fill that empty space in the bathroom, living room or bedroom? A stylish option from our selection of velvet bar stools will add a pop of colour and style to any space and if you are ever in need of an extra chair, it's available. Do you get tired standing in the front of the bathroom mirror while you do your hair and makeup? There's plenty of modern bar stools in our collection that match perfectly with your bathroom decor so you can sit comfortably during your morning grooming session.

Bar stools don't take up a lot of room and they are easy to move around, so the possibilities are endless when it comes to how you use them and where you place them. Our modern bar stools also come in a variety of sizes meaning you can find one that is an ideal height for you.


Why choose James Said?

Here at James Said, we are passionate about luxury, glamour and timeless style. Our dedicated team of design experts have worked hard to source the most beautiful pieces of furniture to display in our collection. Our products are hand selected for their superior quality materials, premium craftsmanship and finishing and classic elegance in style. You can be assured that our collection only showcases pieces that we would love to feature in our own homes. We believe that everybody deserves the opportunity to ‘Create Beautiful’ in their homes, and that their interiors should be a reflection of the fabulous lifestyle that they lead.
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