Gone are the days where lighting your home consisted if installing single, dull bulbs suspended from the ceiling. Nowadays, lighting choices serve more than a functional purpose alone - they can create beautiful in your home. With an endless range of modern pendant lights, Australians have a wealth of choice at their fingertips. Our collection encompasses a hand picked selection of contemporary pendant lights specifically chosen for their premium materials, expert craftsmanship and unparalleled stylish designs. Traditionally, many people would only consider a single light source, emanating from the ceiling. However, if you want to create a truly inviting ambiance within your home, another possibility is using multi-bulb pendant lights. These are not only functional but also artfully designed and exude luxury.

If you like the idea of expressing yourself through multiple light sources, why not take a look at the unique Vintage bulb holder 10-light lamp? This piece brings a modern twist to the simple traditional bulb, with  wonderful cluster formation that oozes sophistication and contemporary style. Alternatively, if you want to showcase a light source that reflects your individual style, the Spiridon Antique Brass 5 light hanging lamp is an excellent choice for those wanting to create a statement. The different levels of light source offered by this piece with their unusual spherical designs are not only eye catching, but incredibly versatile.

Examples of Multi-Bulb Pendant Lights in the Home

For examples of how modern pendant lights with multiple bulbs could work in your home, take a look at our ‘Shop Rooms’ section on our website. Here we have brought together an exquisite collection of beautifully designed rooms. These are created to inspire by showing you what can be created with our range of luxurious furniture and fittings here at James Said. These showrooms are an excellent way to see examples of pendant lights in a real life setting. For example, the ‘Silver Fox’ showroom showcases both the large and small Azure Nickel Chandeliers, and demonstrate how lighting can go beyond function to become a design piece that draws together all of the individual style elements to create something beautiful in the home. Another excellent example is the ‘Shades of Blue’ show room; the large multi-bulb Bermude Bronze Chandelier takes pride of place and reflects the artistic flair of the space.

Going Beyond the Basics

Here at James Said, we believe in offering our clients more than just an exceptional range of luxurious furniture and design ideas. We offer all of our clients the opportunity to talk with one of our expert design consultants with our complimentary consultation process. This service can be organised both online or in-store, where you will receive step by step advice for creating beautiful in your home. In addition, with our premium White Glove Delivery service our team of specially trained movers will deliver your new purchases directly to your door, unpack them for inspection and remove all of the packaging.