It is not uncommon for the style of bathrooms to be overlooked due to their relative size and area within the home; however, whilst a bathroom may not be the largest room in the house or used as much as others, it is a surprisingly satisfying room to renovate. Transformations can be achieved by doing as much or as little as you want and make a drastic difference. This is partly down to the standards which have improved greatly but also the look an update brings to your home decor, whether you have chosen a new shower, bathtub or, in this case, a spectacular new bathroom vanity. Significant time has passed since a bathroom vanity was little more than a storage unit and modern bathroom vanities have evolved into iconic pieces of any luxurious home.

bathroom vanities

Designer bathroom vanities can bolster any bathroom and make it truly spectacular, the toughest challenge is knowing what to look for. If you have already invested in several luxury items and have an idea of the style and you want then this will be easier, but our team here at James Said will still be able to assist with the final decision. However, if you are just beginning to plan your remodel then it is vital that you have a vision in mind first, and thus we would recommend meeting with one of our design specialists for a free consultation. Whilst we do have a wonderful range of high-end vanities, you need to make sure that the other components also match, this can be from the simple shape and size of the tiles you want to the size of the bathtub you want to install. This can be a daunting process and we want to help guide you through it and take the stress away.

One of the benefits of using James Said is our complimentary consultation process. Once you have a concept in mind and have begun to look at bathroom vanities online then this is the perfect time to make use of this service. All our customers are entitled to this wonderful benefit, use it however you see fit. If you know what you want and just need to have a discussion about logistics that's not a problem, or if you would prefer to have a more in-depth conversation about what we think would be suitable given the rooms in question we are on hand to help. This can be done via the telephone, in-store, online, or you can even send us photos of the room in question. Together we will help you to Create Beautiful in your bathroom.