Once you’ve done the hard part of investing in your large furniture pieces, and created beautiful at an overall level in your ideal home, it is time to look at the finer details. The more intricate details and exemplary finishing touches can really complete a room and make it feel whole. Whether large or small, the right accessories can make all the difference with their colour and patterns and the way they blend in or draw attention to the room in question.

designer rugs

Rugs are often at the bottom of peoples’ list when it comes to styling their home. However, just because they’re under your feet doesn’t mean they are something that should be ignored or not given the appropriate amount of thought or care when it comes to making the choice of the right rug for your home. Rugs are extremely functional and practical in the way they bring warmth, cosiness and love to a room, whilst being very easy to clean and care for. Furthermore, when you choose designer rugs, you are also promised to receive something luxurious and glamorous that will add a touch of style and quality to your home. Selected for their premium craftsmanship and made with only the best materials, our range of rugs online are not only guaranteed to reflect outstanding design ideas, but also to be soft and comforting under your feet.


Are you unsure about how to use a designer rug to its full potential? If so, then why not take a look at our collection of Inspiration ‘Shop Rooms’ on our website? Here you can view some of our favourite pieces in our collection displayed in a stunningly designed room so you can begin to get a feel about what you should consider choosing, and how to display it to really bring your dream of style to life. For example, a vibrant, colourful and heavily patterned rug can work wonderfully well when complemented with crisp clean lines and neutral colours, as demonstrated by our magnificent “Smokin’” room. Alternatively, if you envision your home to be seamless with matching colours and styles throughout, really emanating a feeling of sophistication and class, why not choose a designer rug that will perfectly match your other furniture choices? For example, our “Monochrome” room showcases a gorgeous black and white ‘monochrome’ rug that undoubtedly belongs in that room. Browse our selection of Inspiration rooms and rugs online and use these ideas to help inspire style in your home. Can’t find the right rug for you despite our extensive collection? Do not worry; we also have a range of stunning faux silk and nylon rugs in a range of colours that are fully customisable so you can create the perfect rug to suit the vision you have of your home.


Should you wish to begin your complimentary consultation process and have us help you create beautiful in your home, please complete the online submission form below. Tell us about your vision and upload as many images of your plans and current home interior as possible. Alternatively, why not simply invite a specialist James Said design consultant to visit your home by booking a consult in-store?



Finally, here at James Said the service doesn’t stop in the store. We arrange for your new purchase to be delivered right to your doorstep thanks to our premium White Glove Delivery Service. Our specially trained movers will unpack the products for inspection and take all packaging away, so you can enjoy the style without the stress.