Hanging lanterns are a stunning way to create light in your home and are available in a diverse range of shapes, styles and materials. They are extremely versatile and helpful when it comes to strategically illuminating a specific area in your home that central lighting cannot reach or no surface is present for a table lamp. James Said offers some of the finest hanging lanterns Australia wide, which our customers commonly use in the following three locations.

hanging lanterns australia


Stairwells are incredibly important when it comes to bringing light to specific areas of your home. It is convenient to have a lighting option specific to the stairwell so as not to have to turn on centrally located lights on the ground and first floor of your home in order to see. Further, a stairwell light should be able to be used at both the bottom and top of the staircase, hence why our range of hanging lanterns online can fulfil this purpose in a decorative way. Not only does this light serve a functional need, but adds a stylish touch to your space. For smaller spaces, sleek, simple designs will blend seamlessly with your surroundings, while more extravagant designs are available for those who can afford to devote a larger space to their lantern.


Lighting is essential for undercover entryways, to allow both your family and guests to see during the darker hours of the night. Our range of hanging lanterns for sale allow you not only to illuminate this space, but do so in a stylish way which sets the tone for the remainder of the home. Nothing will make your entrance as grand as a set of hanging lanterns, which can be as simple or detailed as you wish. For large entrance ways with an undercover area, you could even opt for a wide lantern which will make a bold statement and convey a sense of character before visitors even enter your home.

Reading Corners

Strategic lighting for a specific spot in your room is necessary for a range of tasks such as studying or reading. If your are looking to buy hanging lanterns, don’t just consider using them in a central location as the main source of light. Consider corners or the perimetres of your home where the central lighting fails to reach. This allows your to create greater functionality in your home and carry out the things your love without compromise. A stunning lantern can work to create a relaxing ambience perfect for unwinding after a long day where you can relax with your favourite book and a glass of wine.

For the finest range of hanging lanterns Australia wide, browse our exquisite range of products to suit all types of rooms of any style. Not only will you illuminate otherwise darkened spots and create greater functionality, but do so in a stylish way.