James is a stylish man, and has stylish friends like the ultimate Man About Town Steve Cordony. James caught up with the Interior and Event Super Stylist to find out how he works, how he lives, and how he sets the trends. 

Steve Cordony has a fabulous instagram account (followers in the 6 digits), upcoming product collaborations, and an elite client list including Lancome, Country Road, Ralph Lauren and YSL. 

JS: What is a normal day for you?

SC: Up and at em’ in the office by 7.30, I try to get through some emails then usually Im out on the road either sourcing products or in meetings. Then I head to the gym around 6 and then home to cook dinner, or order dinner….


JS: Where do you go for inspiration, and how does it translate back into your work?

SC: Definitely the digital world - online, instagram, pinterest etc. but theres nothing better than going to my favourite news agency and flipping through the latest mags. 


JS: You work with Belle on creating the “Spy Trends”, how do you develop the concepts?

SC: I start with an idea for a trend which could be based on one great design piece I have seen or a fabulous wallpaper or fabric or even a fashion show. From there I create a mood board to see what the trend would look like and then its onto sourcing, editing, calling in the product and then the final shoot.


JS: How do you feel the arrival of Pinterest and Instagram has impacted a stylist’s role now that inspiration and ideas are at the fingertips of the public?

SC: These social media forums have dramatically changed the way I look for ideas or trends as its a constant, daily showreel of inspiration. Everything is so instant now which has its pro’s and con’s but as much as I get inspiration from other pages and social media accounts, I hope I can give the same back from my feed.


JS: You travel a lot, where are some of your favourite overseas destinations?

SC: New York is the ultimate for ideas and overall ‘coolness’, India and Turkey for colour and texture and Bali to recuperate and relax!


JS: Who is your Design Icon?

SC: I have a few, but Ill choose 2 - Gio Ponti and Tom Ford.


JS: Your mother was an interior decorator, do you have a similar aesthetic to her?

SC: We are similar in our love for items and objects that have meaning or have been collected over the years - they are most important. She loves beautiful antiques and I love old design objects and pieces that have been reinvented.


JS: What has been your career highlight to date?

SC: I have done some really great collaborations with iconic Australian design brands such as Sheridan and Country Road and when I was interior interior design editor of Belle.


JS: What is next for Steve Cordony?

SC: I'm excited about more product collaborations with exciting brands this year.


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