When it comes to lighting your home these days the possibilities are endless, and it seems a distant memory when lights were merely for practical use. With technology advancing year on year, there is always something new and innovative to have in the home. Lighting has evolved to a whole new level over the past decade, becoming a core component of what makes a home trendy or stylish. We have an extensive collection catering to almost any theme or atmosphere you wish to generate, all crafted from the finest materials on the market. The lighting of a room sets the scene for the ambience and atmosphere. Therefore, we believe it is of utmost importance to compare all of your lighting options in terms of style, functionality and layout.

pendant lights australia

For those wanting a warm and inviting tone, a contemporary pendant light may be a great choice, when looking at pendant lights online on our website you'll have a greater understanding of what we mean by a warm welcome. One of our favourite pendant lights Australia  has to offer is the Nova Silver Leaf Green Key Pendant which offers untold elegance and beauty.

For those wanting to create a relaxed tone with functional lighting, a designer wall sconce could potentially be a perfect choice. With a lovely range to suit any theme, these are consistently underrated, despite their lovely design. For those wanting something bolder and more extravagant, it is certainly worth considering a chandelier. Not only do they look glamorous, but they truly stand out and offer a focal point and a light source in one. For a better understanding of how our lighting works inside an actual room take a look at our showroom section of the website for some great visualisation.

Delivering a service beyond that of the ordinary.

What we here at James Said do better than anyone else is delivering exceptional levels of customer service, whether that be listening to your specific needs, offering valuable advice or even just reassuring you through the process. One of the services that stand us apart is our complimentary consultation service, which is available to each and every one of our valued customers. We offer you the opportunity to discuss and brainstorm any ideas you have with one of our specialists, and you can email or print out pictures of the room you want to improve and they will offer advice and guidance wherever you want or need. In addition to this, we are privileged to be able to offer you our White Glove Delivery service which is made up of specially trained movers who will deliver and unpack your purchase directly to your door.