Wall mirrors are a beautiful piece of furniture which look fabulous in any home. What makes a decorative wall mirror so fascinating is how dynamic they can be. It is easy to think of them as purely practical, but whilst they are created with that purpose in mind, they have evolved far past just a reflection. They now offer a beautiful way of filling a lot of wall space whilst enjoying the intricate edges and design. This allows for a truly artistic style of a room, making you feel like the room has personality. In addition to this, a decorative wall mirror can brighten a room by rebounding around the room, allowing for a lovely majestic space to be created.

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If you are looking for one of the best decorative wall mirrors Australia has to offer then have a look at our Boulogne Gilded Mirror. This piece radiates class and really gives you the image of a luxury home. If you want to get a clearer image of how modern wall mirrors work with modern day homes then head over to our showrooms section of the website. There you will find an array of different rooms with luxurious mirrors displayed within them. However, if you wish to view the gorgeous Boulogne Gilded Mirror, take a look at our Golden Harvest room. Look how the room is bright and vibrant and complemented perfectly by the mirror itself. This also allows a better insight into the colour scheme and the textures and patterns which work well together.

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