There is no denying the impact and beauty a well designed pendant light has on a room in your home. Boasting a sense of class and sophistication, luxury pendant lights are a fantastic way to uplift your space and make a bold statement. With so many types of pendant lights online, it can be difficult to determine the right type for you space. Read on to discover the latest in lighting and how you can make the best choice for your home.

pendant lights australia


We have sourced some of the most innovative pendant lights Australia has access to, with styles to suit both modern and classic homes. Modern pendant lights with metallic features such as the use of Nickel, Zinc and Bronze are a fabulous way to bring luxury to an otherwise minimalist and undecorated space. Such rustic features work to bring a sense of history to your space, with each piece looking as though it has a story to tell, but blending seamlessly with other modern furniture you may have. Metals can match with a broad range of colour palettes making them extremely versatile, while also suitable for both living and outdoor areas of the home.


When many think of a traditional pendant, a crystal chandelier may come to mind, with light refracted in multiple directions to create an unchallenged luminosity. Crystal chandeliers are still opted for by many with more traditional styling throughout their home who aim to create the ultimate sense of class and sophistication. Crystal design options have come a long way, with innovative designs and shapes which suit a slightly more modern setting, without compromising the impact they have in a room.


If stunning, contemporary pendant lights have the ability to stop visitors in their tracks at the breathtaking sight, imagine what a pendant with several bulbs in multiple directions will do? Thanks to innovation, the availability of designs gives customers the choice of some distinct, yet elegant pendants guaranteed to make a statement and become the focal point of a room. Multi-directional lighting is a great way to evenly distribute light, which works particularly well for those with a large space.

We pride ourselves on offering some of the most unique pendant lights Australia has to offer, with styles to suit homes with a modern or classic theme. Browse our stunning range of pendants here or contact our team to help us find the perfect piece to suit your home.